The Company

The Company

Cristais Cá d’Oro produces artistic glass masterpieces in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais. The production techniques are based on those used in Murano, one of the Islands of Venice, Italy.

Mario Seguso, born in 1929 in Murano, descends from one of the most traditional and famous families related to the glass art. The Seguso family has been established in Murano since 1292 and in Brazil since 1954. In 1964, Mario Seguso engraved artistic glass pieces using the currently available materials in the market. However, it was very hard to find pieces with the required characteristics. He determined it would be better to produce his own pieces with his own glass furnace. Thus Mario and, Vitorio and Alamiro Ferro, whose family is also well known for artistic glass production in Murano, decided to start their own company. The friends rented a unique and precariously deactivated furnace from Aldo Bonora, who had decided to stop production of glass in Poços de Caldas.

In February 1965 the company Cristais Cá d’Oro was launched. Mario Seguso invited his brother-in-law Piero Toso to come from Murano and join them. The name Cá d’Oro was chosen in honor of the Palace in Venice, which means House of Gold.

Since the beginning, production was oriented to creating original design pieces, which would define Brazilian glass. Pieces were produced for a demanding public able to differentiate and appreciate this artistic glass.

Cá d’Oros’ core characteristics are in maintaining the ancient glass maker’s methods from Egypt and Phoenicia. This includes totally manual and craft work techniques utilized by the antique glass makers.

After a few years the Ferro brothers left and returned to São Paulo and Murano. A few years later Piero retired. Mario Seguso has always had his wife, Rita by his side in the administration of the business. Later, his sons joined in the family business and boosted the production, distribution, and design of new pieces, following the secular traditions of the Seguso family.

At the end of the 1990’s, Adriano Seguso takes the helm of the company. He changed the market positioning, consolidated the brand, maintained the unique traditions and modernized design while preserving artistic excellence.

In 2004, Cá d’Oro undergoes a huge renovation, expanding the area to offer the public more comfort and convenience. The main attraction is a big showcase where it is possible to watch the craftsmen work in a memorable demonstration. All this, added with the quality of production make Cá d’Oro one of the main touristic attractions in Poços de Caldas.

Presently, the third generation of the Seguso family participates in the company’s administrative team.

When the topic of glass art from Brazil is cited, the name Cristais Cá d’Oro is frequently a topic of reports and news in all media. Cristais Cá d’Oro has became well respected and well known for its craftwork, spreading through its art Poços de Caldas’ name.


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