In this area you can see some masterpieces produced in the Island of Murano and imported to Brazil by the Seguso Family. All the pieces should have their availability confirmed at the moment of the request.

The Island of Murano – Venice – Italy

In the XIII century the glass factories were transferred from the continent to the Island along with the glass masters and their families.

Officially, the reason for the transference was to decrease the smoke and the risk of fire. In reality the intention was to confine the secrets of glass production, at the time extremely valuable in the trade relations of Venice.

The glass master families, had a nobility status with a secured seat by the Commune of Venice, to compensate the lack of freedom of getting out of the Island

This families, were assembled in a selected group, registered in the “Libro d’Oro of Murano“. One of the families related in the book is the Seguso Family.

Nowadays many artistic glass pieces, produced out of the Island are called Murano, are wrongly called “Murano”.

The Seguso Family, which is in charge of the Glass factory “Cristais Cá d’Oro” import some pieces of the Island to help disseminating the Murano Glass in Brazil.


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